Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Nga Kuri

Whaea Hinemoa and Howie brought in their two beautiful German Sherpards for us to meet.  Their names are Jesse and Ryka.  They were very friendly and we all loved patting them.  We got to see them in action when Howie and Whaea Hinemoa took us out to the field and made them chase after a stick that Howie had thrown.  Thank you so much Whaea Hinemoa and Howie for bringing our special manuhiri in.

Nga Kuri on PhotoPeach

Thursday, 18 August 2011

E Hika e! Big Book Activity

Kia Ora, Room 17 read E Hika e! by Hirini Melbourne.  For their Big Book Activity we took photos of ourselves and matched sentences form the story to what we were doing in the photos.  Enjoy looking at our mahi.

 Puta i te kauhanga raro
 Tae i te matapihi
 Puta i te matapihi
 Puta i te matapihi ano
 Peke i te rakau
 Heke i te reti
Peke i te mekameka